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Does Butler Law Firm charge clients by the hour? The answer is NO!

Flat Fee Service Model

• We do NOT use detailed invoices.
• We do not live by the time clock.
• We deliver what each client needs for their particular case, regardless of the time it takes.
• We pull from a communal pool of time, meaning that each day we focus on what next steps need to be done to move each individual client’s case forward. It may be that we have to spend four of the eight hours that one day on Client Doe’s case to move to that next step, and it may be that we have already moved Client Doe to the farthest step Client Doe can go for that particular phase of Client Doe’s case and so we do not focus on Client Doe’s case until there is something we can do to move Client Doe to the next step.
• Our flat-fee service model leaves us free to hop in the car on a moment’s notice, drive 60 miles to Lexington, and wait at the courthouse coffee-shop for two hours for the Judge to take a break and put his signature on an Order. All this service excellence without ever giving a second thought to billing our client for this service, this time, this gas mileage…
• Flat fees are how we have offered service excellence since we opened our doors in 2009.
• Flat fees are how our clients know their total exposure almost down to the dollar.
• Flat fees allow our clients to be in control of their own destiny. If they choose to incur a fee for a motion fee for example, then they can or they can choose not to and we won’t file that hearing.
• Flat fees allow for complete transparency so there are no hidden agendas/billing hours to try to rack up unnecessary fees.
• Flat fees allow for great efficiency for the same reasons in that the attorney does not need to do unnecessary work to bill you by the hour.
• Flat fee are what allow us to do what needs to be done to achieve desired results for our clients.

What counties do the Butler Law Firm serve?

Myrtle Beach

Mission Statement

Our Constitution guarantees justice for all. Attorneys are called upon to see that this right is enforced among the people. As an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of South Carolina I pledge to my clients: faithfulness, competence, and diligence.