Melinda Inman Butler
Areas of Practice
 Criminal Defense Lawyer       
 Murder, Armed Robbery          
 Drug Charges                            
 Homicide by Child Abuse          

Attorney At Law

Butler Law Firm, LLC is owned &
operated by Melinda Inman
Butler.  Mrs. Butler understands
the legal complexities of the
citizens in Cherokee, Laurens,
Spartanburg, Union and York

Mrs. Butler has dealt personally
with many of the same issues that
she deals with for her clients. “I
understand my clients because I
have been there.”

Mission Statement

Our Constitution     
guarantees justice for
all. Attorneys are called
upon to see that this
right is enforced among
the people. As an
attorney licensed to
practice law in the State
of South Carolina I
pledge to my clients:
competence, and
Justice For All

Mrs. Butler’s goal is to provide competent legal services
to every client.  Mrs. Butler strives to teach her clients
about the law that governs their cases.  She specifically
narrows her practice areas so that she can provide such

.         Melinda Butler is a Criminal Defense Lawyer. She is
a member of the South Carolina Association of Criminal
Defense Lawyers. Her commitment to justice and due
process for all persons accused of a crime leads her to
Criminal Courts all over the State of South Carolina. Mrs.
Butler says that many times a person charged with a crime
may actually be guilty of
some crime, but not the crime they
have been charged with. As your attorney, Mrs. Butler
works tirelessly to ensure that you are protected through
the entire process. It is so very important to consult with
her as soon as you know that you are under investigation
or have been arrested.

Butler Law Firm also handles a wide variety of family law
issues. Mrs. Butler focuses particularly on cases involving
the Department of Social Services. "When DSS takes
children from the home, I intervene to protect the parents
and get their children returned home." Mrs. Butler has a
husband and five children and understands the complex
legal issues that arise within the family.

Mrs. Butler is licensed to practice law all over the State
Courts of South Carolina as well as the Federal Courts of
South Carolina, S.C. Court of Appeals, S.C. Supreme
Court, and the United States District Court for the State of
South Carolina.

No matter the issue, Mrs. Butler serves each and every
one of her clients’ matters as if it were her own.

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