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Useful Information and Links for Family Law

  • This is the calculator used by attorneys and judges
    in SC to determine the amount of child support to be
SC Child Support Enforcement - Child Support
Obligation Calculator
South Carolina Department of Social Services Child
Support Enforcement Division

  • Very recently, SC enacted a new law which requires
    the mother and father (or guardians) to fill out a
    Proposed Parenting Plan and give it to the Court
    when custody and/or visitation are an issue. I have
    linked the form here.


  • In South Carolina Family Court, temporary hearing
    rules have changed by order of the South Carolina
    Supreme Court dated 11-21-12. You are now only
    able to submit 8 pages of affidavits unless you have
    prior approval. You cannot testify or have witnesses
    to testify. You must submit affidavits if you want the
    Court to consider your side of the case. Even if you
    are unable to afford an Attorney to represent you at
    your temporary hearing, you must still use affidavits.
    Affidavits must be notarized. There are different
    types of affidavits at this link which may be of help
    to you.

SC Judicial Department

  • If you are thinking of filing your own divorce, here
    is a link to the 'Pro Se' divorce packet. You may
    also pick up this packet at the Clerk of Court/Child
    Support Payment Office. South Carolina Judges are
    required to ask both parties if there is anything the
    Court can do to help reconcile their marriage.

SC Judicial Department
Complete the South Carolina Self-Represented Litigant
Simple Divorce Packets online using a free, interactive
program provided by South Carolina Legal Services.
This program allows you to quickly and easily complete
the divorce packet by answering simple questions online.
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